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What is a promoter?

The promoter is a master builder: he takes the initiative of the realization of a building which is intended for sale, and the financing required by the project assumes the risks. The promoter is the one on whose behalf the work is carried out, so it is both the initiator and the person in charge of the monitoring of the operation, it is up to him to make sure of the good progress of the work. The promoter is necessarily the a master builder but the opposite is not true.
The professional promoter is a legal person: a private corporation. The operation is thus carried out either by the company itself or by an SCI (civil real estate company) company created specifically for the operation.
The promoter acts on very variable activity sectors: residences with services (type RSS: residence senior service), hotels, offices, commercial premises, retail park, housing estates, etc ...
The developer seeks land, conducts feasibility studies and makes a program more profitable. It will define the objectives of the project by the architect and the various partners: desired project, type of positioning, definition of the financial envelope, price grid, services, commercial strategy etc ... The financing of the project is carried out either through the sponsor's own funds (self-financing), bank loans, or by the buyers who pay the price of the goods as the work progresses.