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Our story

SOVA GROUPE was born from the meeting of two entrepreneurs, Marc VAREILLE and Guillaume GRANDORDY.

The first, Marc VAREILLE, former HEC had already deployed internationally with great experience in communication and equity participation in particular. Former founder of multiple companies in France and abroad, he has been able to bring Sova Groupe and its subsidiaries a national position. The second, Guillaume GRANDORDY, former Sup de Co, had already largely illustrated in the professions of the Promotion, the Land Development and the Montage of Complex Urban Operations. With more than 50 project references to his credit, so far no less than 2,500 homes have been implemented at his initiative.

1957 marks the creation of IM Immobilier agencies at Hyères which will successively be taken back to be integrated by 4P Conseil in 1993. It is not less than 20 employees and 7 local agencies which makes it the most efficient cabinet of Hyères. Since 1996 IM Immobilier accompanies the promoters on projects such as the Luquette Park, the residence of the Dome, the Roman Gardens which contributes to their reputation in the assembly and support of real estate. In 2003 IM agencies are interested in the NIP (New Promotional Engineering) promotion society and AMO consultants, consulting firm in urban planning. This merger is made with the aim of integrating all the real estate trades. In 2015 meeting Guillaume Grandordy and Marc Vareille who decided to restructure the integration of the real estate industry around SOVA GROUPE . This gives birth to SOVA PROM (real estate promotion), SOVA CONSEIL (consultant in urban planning and architecture), SOVA CAPITAL (acquisition of participation) all Retaining the IM historical agencies by refocusing their activities in the heart of the city for better operationality.

To date, 67 projects under development managed by the group that cover all real estate businesses.