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SOVA PROM carries out off-plan programs and can carry out project management assignments in direct support of salespeople. We are able to ensure technical follow-up to site acceptance. SOVA PROM can endorse the developer's role to carry out many VRD works, make the buildable lots for the individual villa, the collective and/or the commercial.
SOVA CONSEIL is responsible for conducting technical feasibility study, urban and architectural feasibility studies for all types of construction and land improvement projects. We are also in a position to fully prepare the permit to be filed (building permit, preliminary declarations).
Through IM Immobilier, SOVA GROUPE offers a free service of expertise and evaluation of your property. We cover all the real estate trades from transaction to looking for properties. We also have the ability to carry out private deeds in order to shorten the often long and difficult wait times that can be found at the notary's office.
SOVA CAPITAL includes all the land which SOVA GROUPE owns. She also participates in round tables with promoters for major joint operations.
In the context of a succession SOVA CONSEIL is able to complete a property division. We can also help you in the rehabilitation of your property, house, building by providing our network of partner companies. We intervene in the setting up of co-ownership scheme with reaction and development of the necessary plans for the division.