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Operational planning means knowing how to find the right tools to design a viable project.

Elaboration of the actions and procedures necessary for the realization of a project within the framework of a sustainable urban planning, integrates with its environment, and answering the diversity of the expectations and situations of the territories.
Declining and deepening on a more restricted scale of the orientations of a policy of improvement by the realization of studies.
Opportunity / capacity studies to test whether a given sectoral policy is in correlation with a potential project.
Feasibility studies to design an urban project, to define a construction program, its repercussions in terms of equipment, its financial feasibility and to choose an adapted operational mode.
Operational studies to start the implementation phases of the project (Concert Planning Area, Urban Partnership Project, etc.)
SOVA CONSEIL is able to complete a real estate division or a property acquisition. We can also help you in the rehabilitation of your property, house, building by providing our network of partner companies.
Other feasible studies, allowing the emergence of the urban project from an administrative, legal, economic or financial point of view depending on the operational mode selected.